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Flying Tiger

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Flying Tiger

History - Flying Tiger Line was founded on 24 June 1945 by R.W. Prescott and other members of the "Flying Tigers" American Volunteer Group, the airline operated known under the name of National Skyway Freight Corporation. The airline started the operations with 14 Budd Conestogas, later being replaced by C-46s and DC-4s. In January 1953 Flying Tiger intended to lease a 049 from Intercontinental, though the aircraft was destroyed during a training flight prior to delivery. In September 1955, the airline became one of the first to order ten new 1049Hs convertible model with a subsequent order of two more. The first 1049H was delivered on 1 February 1957 and by end of June 1957 ten plus 2 leased aircraft were delivered. The aircraft flew the scheduled main trans Continental services from New York to Burbank, Detroit to San Francisco and Cleveland and Detroit to Burbank. Also diversified charters for MATS were flown across the Pacific. Also routes to Europe, mainly Frankfurt were flown. Additionally the Connies were deployed on passenger charters for BOAC on the route Montego Bay to London and flying British emigrants from London to Canada.

From 1957 until 1962, when the Canadair CL-44 entered scheduled service, the Super Connies were the backbone of Flying Tiger's operations. Although the CL-44s had taken over some of the scheduled freight routes, the airline continued to operate a large number of 1049Hs until the late 1960s, purchasing, building and leasing nine further aircraft to their original twelve aircraft (some of them had been lost in accidents between 1958 and 1964.

In June 1966, seven 1049Hs were transferred to a subsidiary company, Flying Tiger Air Services, which operated charters in South East Asia during 1966 - 1967. By end of 1967 all but remaining ten 10049H, had been retired. In middle of 1968 all remaining Connnies were withdrawn from use and replaced by CL-44s and DC-8 Freighters.

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