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An air carrier certificated in accordance with FAR Part 121, and providing nonscheduled or supplemental carriage of passengers or cargo, or both, in air transportation. Also referred to as nonscheduled or charter air carriers. (FAA14)

1) An air carrier holding a certificate issued under section 401(d)(3) of the Federal Aviation Act, or a special operating authorization issued under section 417 of the Act. 2) One of a class of air carriers now holding Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity issued by the Department of Transportation, authorizing them to perform passenger and cargo charter services supplementing the scheduled service of the certificated route air carriers. Both international and domestic charter operations are for a temporary period. The authority of supplemental air carriers to engage in military charters is of an indefinite period. In addition, they can perform on an emergency basis, as may be authorized by the Department of Transportation, scheduled operations including the transportation of individually ticketed passengers and individually waybilled cargo. (FAA2) (FAA9) (DOE6)

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