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Transocean Air Lines

Transocean Airlines

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Transocean Airlines


Transocean Air Lines was founded by Orvis Nelson in 1946 as Orvis Nelson Air Transport and was later changed. It was a large general charter carrier with significant military contracts and subsidiary businesses. Although they operated worldwide they were based in Oakland CA and focused on the Pacific. They offered low-fare infrequent passenger service coast-to-coast with stops in Salt Lake City, Denver, and Chicago using M-202. Under contract to the Department of Interior they flew scheduled multiple-stop service between Oakland and Okinawa. They also flew infrequent "Royal Hawaiian" flights between California and Hawaii. Their equipment and facilities were used in making the movies "high and the Mighty", "Island in the Sky" and "Julie". They flew B-377, C-46, CV-240, DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, L-749, L1049, and M-202.

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